Fully Fitted Hydrogen On Demand System - FAQs

You may have heard all sorts of stories (from people who haven't done their research properly!) about how hydrogen on demand systems don't work or are dangerous. Well that's absolute rubbish!

We have LOTS of scientific data on our TECHNICAL DATA page for those techies amongst you.

Additionally, see below for the most frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us with any of your own questions that we haven't covered -

1 . What are the fuel savings and advantages using our Hydrogen Technology?

Most users have savings from 25 to 35% in fuel consumption. There are cases of higher results with the HEC Chip in electronic fuel injected cars. When added to the air manifold, Hydrogen reduces fuel consumption by causing carbon based fuel to burn more completely and efficiently. Hydrogen also helps to clean the carbon deposits inside the engine. Hydrogen exhaust emissions are pure water. So, you save fuel, save money AND save the environment.

2. Can this system improve my performance?

Yes! The injection of Hydrogen into your internal combustion engine will assist in cleaning the internal parts as the engine runs. It will increase the torque and horsepower and reduce the hydrocarbon pollutants currently being released into the air through your exhaust. Hydrogen burns faster and cleaner than gas or diesel within your engine. This makes your vehicle run smoother, longer, cooler, and more efficiently than ever before

3. What about the engine carbon clean - do i need it?

Yes! An engine carbon clean is a process that involves removing built-up carbon deposits from the internal components of a vehicle's engine. This helps improve engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. The engine will also run smoother and more quietly, with reduced engine knocking and a noticeable improvement in overall engine power. It's an absolute must!!

4. How long does the install take?

The install normally takes 2-3 hours and we'll come to your home or work address to do it. Just make sure that the box sent to you with component parts in is available for the engineer on the day of installation. Easy!

5. Does it work with Diesel, Petrol or GPL vehicles?

Yes, it works with all vehicles with internal combustion engines. (N.B. We can't fit a pre-programmed HEC chip into a hybrid vehicle).

6. Will you be re-mapping my ECU and engine?

Absolutely not! This is an important point as most insurance companies need to know if you've modified the engine and usually results in increased premiums if you have. The HFS HEC chip talks dynamically between the ECU, the MAF/MAP sensor and the hydrogen generator and can be easily disconnected or removed. 

The car's engine is NOT being modified.

7. Does the hydrogen generator cause any short or long term harm to my engine?

No! A PROPERLY FITTED hydrogen generator does not cause any problems to the engine. In fact, quite the opposite.

8. Does it matter if my vehicle is leased?

No! When you hand the vehicle back to the leasing company then you can easily take out the hydrogen system. You can either keep the system or allow us to install into another vehicle for you (additional fees apply)

Always remember that once you've bought the fuel saving equipment it's yours to keep and so can follow you from car to car to car!

9. Can the hydrogen generator explode?

No. The hydrogen production is made on demand. You will have hydrogen only when your car's engine is on. Unlike pressurized gas tanks, there is only a small amount of hydrogen pressure in the system at any one time, and even this has a full safety system in place to ensure that it all goes into the engine's air manifold to be burnt in combustion.

10. In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator blow up?

Absolutely not! All you will have is water and KOH electrolyte on the ground.

11. What type of routine maintenance is involved?

Virtually zero! It's important to maintain levels in the water tank with distilled water but as we fit a "low level water indicator" you'll know if water is low. When we fit the system we'll provide you with 5 litres of distilled water and enough electrolyte to last for approx. 2 years. After that, every 1000 km you will need 1 litre of water and to add a little bit more electrolyte (supplied)

12. What is the electrolyte used?

The best electrolyte is KOH (Potassium Hydroxide). We supply 2 years worth approx. on fitting and then you can order easily from us online from there.

13. Will the water in the unit freeze in winter?

Not if you add about 10% of isopropyl alcohol to the reservoir solution to avoid freezing in winter months. If we fit in winter, we'll add this free of charge.

14. What if I don’t use Distilled water in my generator?

Distilled water is basically pure water. Other types of water like tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc. will work but they will also quickly cause the electrolyte to become “muddy” due to the minerals and impurities in the water. The muddy electrolyte will build up on the generator plates and act as an insulator causing Hydrogen gas production to suffer. The same is true with many other types of electrolyte or catalyst, especially any catalyst containing sodium, like baking soda or sodium hydroxide. Sodium will quickly contaminate the electrolyser plates and cause the unit to become ineffective.



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