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Hydrogen Fuel Saver

DC4000 HHO Kit - Easy to Fit at Home!

DC4000 HHO Kit - Easy to Fit at Home!

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Complete HHO Hydrogen Kit - Engines < 4400 cc


 This kit comes complete with everything that you'll need to make a great installation and all accessories required for the installation:

 - Generator of HHO Gas

 - Water tank to hold the distilled water (1 litre) with easy level check

 - ALL electrical components including:

-  Control Relay 30A-12V DC;

 - Electrical cable HO7V K - suitable for all electrical connections;

 - Fuse holder and fuse 30A;

 - Safety nylon check-valve;

 - Bubbler tank for cleaner gas and safer system;

-  High Pressure Hose for the HHO gas;

-  Electrolyte - Potassium hydroxide (KOH) 

- Installation Manual in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (E-book).


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