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Hydrogen Fuel Saver

Fully Fitted HHO Kit Installation - TRUCKS (Engine of Less than 10.0L)

Fully Fitted HHO Kit Installation - TRUCKS (Engine of Less than 10.0L)

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* A professionally fully fitted AT HOME/WORKPLACE installation of the HHO fuel saving system by a qualified auto-electrician

* A comprehensive engine carbon clean that involves removing built-up carbon deposits from the internal components of a vehicle's engine. This helps improve engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions.

* Fitting of two separate microprocessors to allow communication between the HHO system, the battery and the car's ECU (computer)

* Installation of a MAF/MAP sensor enhancer to ensure that the air/fuel ratios give perfect and efficient combustion

* Installation of an MPG reader onto the dash/pillar to enable monitoring of your new MPG

* An introduction of fuel saving additives to your oil AND fuel tanks

* A comprehensive FUEL EFFICIENCY SERVICE including oil and coolant fluid level check, tyre pressure check, brake inspection and electronics/battery health check.

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